Au revoir l’automne

With balmy temperatures followed by windy tempests I have come down with a lovely angina. The joys of Autumn in France; they love a good extreme climate here in Reims. Around this time of year we can lose or gain ten degrees in the space of a week.

Not so good for the immune system! So instead of a nice relaxing weekend eating good food and drinking luscious red wine I spent the weekend asleep on various belle-famille’s couches. After drinking no wine due to antibiotics and tasting not very much due to a very blocked nose! C’est la vie…

However I did get the chance earlier in the week to photograph the last vestiges of Autumn before she is clutched from my grasp by the cold hands of Winter.

Voilà !


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Sunshine with the promise of wine and castles

So here in Reims we have been revelling in 20-25 degree weather… in March. Sometimes it’s very nice to live on the continent 😉 That being said, I often find it odd at the weekends when the weather is fine, I wonder if I will always harbour a not-so-secret desire to drive to the beach. I wonder where is everyone going to go there’s no beach! We are about three hours from the coast – bizarre. Regardless of the lack of water at the weekend, I had a lovely one, chilling out in the park on Saturday, lamenting the time-change when we returned at 4am not 3am Saturday night, finishing by drinking coffee out on the street on Sunday with the French family. Nice and relaxing (even the trip to Carrefour didn’t seem to stress me out as much as it usually does due to the very good decision to go during lunchtime avoiding the crowds).

In France, on the outskirts of every city are enormous shopping parks, much like the UK and Ireland but they seem to be on a bigger scale here. So Carrefour (the world’s second-largest supermarket chain) is disgracefully busy on a Saturday, there’s just too many people clambering around like ants so I don’t let myself push the trolley as I don’t trust my temper and impatience in not ramming into an old lady or small child. Horror. I really must go with my camera next weekend and take photographs. I’ve been thinking to do it for a while but haven’t yet got around to it. The sheer amount of wine shelves, an entire aisle devoted to yoghurt, an enormous section dedicated to bread – it’s spectacular at first..and a little overwhelming when entirely in French. But I am slowly adjusting to visits to the French supermarket.

I’ll leave you with a new addition to the flat (that sounded very suspicious) a little gift of a plant on Sunday which brings our plant tally to two, however, I have yet to name this one. But the other is Fred. Now I have Frank the laptop and Fred the plant, coinciding with my love of the word “fuck” Gosh I worry for my obsession with F.  I’m off to the Loire Valley for two days, wine and castles – the perfect mix!

this is where I’m living at the moment…it does the job..