Music of the Day

This is “Divenire” from Ludovico Einaudi.

Einaudi is an Italian pianist and composer. I really love his work, it’s very melodic. Great music for working or just relaxing!

Listen to it to switch off from a hectic week!


Song of the Week

There’s a new French man in my life 😉 Para One is a French DJ, and not as well known as he deserves to be! This song will take you to the beach 10 years ago, enjoy.

Song of the Day

The whole world knows the story of Birdy, she is a young British musician, and she began writing her own music at aged eight – of course helped along by the fact that her mother is a concert pianist. Her first album consists of covers of which this is by far my favourite.

Her voice speaks of emotions a sixteen year old shouldn’t have had to endure mais, bon.