French Street Art

No matter where I visit I always look at the walls for some street art – that’s why I want to take a trip to Berlin so much! I always feel street art adds to the general atmosphere of a city, making it feel more alive somehow.

France is renowned for having great street art. I choose not to say grafitti because I associate that word with rubbish scribbles, et les gros mots. Most street artists choose spots that they know are unused and not somebody’s private property – often adding beauty where before there was just urban decay. And that is never a bad thing!

For the moment here’s a few I’ve gathered on a trip to Paris and just wandering around Reims, maybe you’ll see a familiar face!

One half of The Beatles hanging out in the Latin Quarter, (Paris) France.

A Michael Jackson/Mario Kart character dancing in Montmarte (Paris) France.Trés jolie wall (Reims) France. Continue reading