You Must Speak Loudly for a French Person to Hear

So today I learnt decibel levels in language learning..

I will admit that I am a bit of a mutterer. Unless I’m in treasured company I don’t really like to speak very loudly.

Therefore when I enter a shop and say the must-have “Bonjour” and upon leaving, utter “Au Revoir”, the aurally-challenged French people do not hear me.

Leading me to hear the ever annoying phrase “you are so rude Hannah, you never say goodbye or hello.”

Well, I am sorry if French people are deaf !

Picture the scene right now, I am shouting in different noise levels “bonjour” and “au revoir” to my flat as practice.

I think that my flat can hear me?

April Showers, Humidity, Wind and Grumpiness at 50km/h

It’s April. Nearly the end of April in fact. I am living in France. Correction: North of France.

So I wasn’t expecting sub-saharan-tropical-amazonian-australian type weather. But a little better than this.

10°C | °F Mon Tue Wed Thu
Chance of Rain Chance of Rain Chance of Rain Chance of Rain
Mostly Cloudy
Wind: S at 34 km/h
Humidity: 66%

This post is not about the weather per se. More about my changing ways.

Last night, the French boy and I were out on an aimless Sunday drive.

I made this exact comment “I really hope the weather is better this week, it has been horrible recently.” He agreed and then smiled and very pleased with himself said “you are getting very French.”

I was perturbed: “No I most certainly am not.”

He then went on to say he has never heard me complain about the weather before. Which, looking back is true. I really, really, don’t like the rain but I have (or used to have, merde) a very Irish attitude to the weather – sure lads just get out in it! The weather is always pretty rubbish in Ireland so you just have to get over it and put on twenty layers, bring an umbrella and get your shit done. However, all over France about a month ago, it was 20-25 degrees celsius and I really loved it. More than I’ve ever loved the sun before. You seduced me France, with your wily hot sunshine ways. But it was just a game of seduction, you were just teasing you sexy gallic country you! I know your true heart now! It was a marketing ploy you sneaky mother- Now, it’s nearly May and the sky is grey, cloudy, miserable looking and it likes to spit crappy humid rain on my head.

Worst of all, he also said for other things I’m getting a bit grumpy and short-tempered (I have definitely started expelling air through the three holes in my face more often) and in a nutshell, becoming more French. For those at home who thought I was pretty grumpy to begin with, France seems to be making me quite worse.

On a positive note, all that rain is making Reims green! And I do love me some greenery!

Hi little fella!

Quote of the Week

In English it reads: “If I hope for nothing, I will fear nothing.”

Sounds a bit like something Batman would say – Christian Bale’s introspective Batman of course. The last film of the trilogy is released this July, and I will probably have to watch it in French, which will entail my missing critical scenes, misinterpreting important moments etc.. joy.

I’m not sure how this post has ended up being about Christopher Nolan’s Batman films but such is my brain.

Happy Monday!