Women as gold medallists, or insipid girls in bikinis?

As the London 2012 Olympics ceremony drew to a close yesterday evening, I was surfing online and came across something that really irritated me… as is apt to happen on a free service used by the entire population of the world. While at the same time a worldwide sports event was being aired where, for the first time in history, there was a woman competing in every sport; this video is being watched by immature spotty teenage boys across the globe.

Now the actual content is not what offends me, these You’ve Been Framed type compilations of both sexes have been being aired since the invention of the film camera, however it was what I decided to do afterward which pissed me off. I did a youtube search for “Boys Fail Compilation” and came up with…nothing. While the opposing search of “Girls Fail Compilation” brings up pages and pages of results. Of course, there are Best Fails of the Week which feature both sexes, fair enough. But why – in a time where there are men who claim there is no need for feminism anymore, feminism is anti-men, men and women are equal in the workplace (go and read some statistics to encounter damning counter evidence to that one) etc. etc. – is there not an equal and opposite video of Boys “failing”.. Why? Because this kind of humour is more common in males? Maybe. There is of course also plenty of videos of “Girls Summer Fail Compilation” which is popular (over 25 million views) for obvious reasons, young, pretty women in bikinis falling around doing silly things – how ridiculous the female sex is!

Men are visual creatures, and the female anatomy is much more pleasing to the human eye than the male anatomy, and boys spend entire evenings hanging out together watching funny crap on youtube – thus there is a wider audience for a video of a SEXY CUTE OMG GIRLS fail video compilation than a male version. But as I watched the Summer Fail video I came to realise that often the women are there, by choice, in their silly bikinis prancing around willingly as sexual objects ( in one segment it was a beauty pageant). Now, their slipping and failling catastrophically is not pre-planned but I couldn’t help but think that they are absolutely complicit in Continue reading