Quote of the Week


Un sot trouve toujours un plus sot qui l’admire.

In English it reads:

“A fool can always find an even bigger fool to admire him.”

Think of a few fools… now think of their friends..



Quote of the Week

In English it reads: “If I hope for nothing, I will fear nothing.”

Sounds a bit like something Batman would say – Christian Bale’s introspective Batman of course. The last film of the trilogy is released this July, and I will probably have to watch it in French, which will entail my missing critical scenes, misinterpreting important moments etc.. joy.

I’m not sure how this post has ended up being about Christopher Nolan’s Batman films but such is my brain.

Happy Monday!

Quote of the Week

In English it reads: “Generally speaking, the ones who know a little talk a lot and the ones who know a lot talk a little.”

Of course, someone like myself who prefers to sit and observe rather than speak non-stop is going to adore this quote, however, I find it’s true very often.

Sorry for the fuzzy image, I think it’s not as clear because it’s a bit of a long quote – I need a bigger board! French boy recently asked what ever shall I do when we move to another a flat – I said I’m taking it with me!!