About Me

Hannah, 24 years old, self professed geek of music, fashion, culture. I am a grammar fiend! I enjoy smelling flowers, inspecting weird green beetles on the pavement, drinking too much coffee, eating too much chocolate, laughing like a hyena….

Born in England, raised in Ireland, grew flowers in Scotland, and now living in France.

Not exactly around the world in eighty days but I feel I’ve packed a lot in 24 years, so I’ve decided to start writing it all down.

The city of Edinburgh was a great place to flourish, but a green-eyed Frenchman lured me to France with him – lucky me, peutêtre? 😉

I am slowly and surely adjusting to the French way of life – learning an extremely difficult and different language, navigating an interesting culture, drinking lots of red wine, eating A LOT of cheese, and meeting beacoup de new and exciting people along the way.

IMGP7803Strasbourg December 2013

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Since last January – so a year now ! It’s going okay, I’m really finding the cultural transition difficult and the language drives me crazy !! I think a lot of patience is necessary; and you?

  2. Hey Hannah. I came across your blog whilst googling Reims! It’s a cute blog, well done 🙂
    I’m English, 24, and have lived here for 4 years-ish now, My Frenchman comes from here and makes champagne, yummy!
    Let me know if you fancy a coffee (or wine) sometime. I could do with talking a bit of English again!
    A bientôt! Rachel x

  3. Hey Rachel, wow I can’t believe someone my age and who is not a student exists in Reims! It would be lovely to meet up, I however don’t have a problem with a lack of English due to being an English teacher 😦 Ha! Here is my email address: creative(!)damage@hotmail.com.. ignore the brackets and exclamation point it’s to avoid spammers.. send me a mail 🙂 x

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