La belle Irlande!

So I went back to Ireland recently and for the first time with the Frenchman in tow. We had a lovely time, where I drank a lot of Bulmer’s Irish cider and wore a coat I hadn’t worn for some time in France!! He went fishing and got windburn. Voilà.

Here is the coat. I’m sitting in these bizarre stone hand structures installed in my hometown of Ennis. I’m laughing rather rambunctiously because at that moment I was remembering how much fun we used to have sitting in the hands of Ennis after exiting the Queens nightclub. Back when I was a young sprig!!

photo (6)

Don’t ask about the hair – I had the nutty idea to put a lightening spray in it and I think I went a bit crazy with the stuff as my hair got steadily more and more blonde (read: more and more orange) very very quickly! I will also have fantastic roots soon – wonderful!

Anyway, I just wanted to share some images from the Emerald Isle, so here’s a little aesthetic feast for your weekend.

f666f215 f222158 076 077 078fffff444 (2)I would to finish with my fabulous 18 year old cat, Guinness! She’s looking a bit worse for wear but still full of character as usual and I hope she stays that way for a few more years to come.
005Here’s a cheeky one of the Frenchman fishing which he would be none too happy to know was here. He doesn’t read my blog (the bollocks) so this is my revenge!

photo (5)Bon weekend !



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