Tour de la Cathedrale de Reims

So recently I took a tour of the Reims Cathedral towers, and being a little (VERY) afraid of heights, it was a mix of terror and pleasure as experiences go.

The stairwell was enclosed which helped somewhat, as if I can’t see the heights I am ascending to I can pretend it’s not really happening. Off we trekked up 296 steps – yeow! The legs were sore in the evening. I got a little panicky towards the end as it’s hard if you have any physical sense of travel to pretend you’re not high when you’ve been climbing steps for maybe five minutes!! When we reached the top we were placed between the two bell towers like this.

So I thought to myself, okay, okay, no worries. Then Mr Justin-Bieber-hair tour guide says follow me out here to the balcony. My legs don’t want to work but they go. Luckily there’s a seat so I just sit there and stare at my knees, ignoring the beautiful view. French boy is not vertigo challenged (that doesn’t make sense, I made it up alright!) so here’s a few shots.

And my own personal favourite, situated around the other side of the Cathedral at which point I had managed to relax myself a small bit, there was a house sat on top of a building! Epic. A garden, a balcony, and a view of the cathedral, not too shabby.

I got up-close shots of the fleurs de lis (decorative designs emblematic of the French monarchy) which I was very happy about it as it’s nigh-on impossible without a Canon or a Nikon to get these kind of shots from the ground. Justin Bieber gave us some interesting factual information about them as well, The fleurs de lis you see are in actuality 1.5m in height, it’s an optical illusion that gives them the appearance of being much smaller.

I was in the town of Arras recently (the birthplace of Maximilien Robespierre) and I find this violent old French dude interesting so I’ll be doing a little history lesson on him soon along with some stories from my visit..

One thought on “Tour de la Cathedrale de Reims

  1. Wow, some stunning pictures. That last one gave me vertigo and I don’t usually mind heights. More history stuff please!

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