French Street Art

No matter where I visit I always look at the walls for some street art – that’s why I want to take a trip to Berlin so much! I always feel street art adds to the general atmosphere of a city, making it feel more alive somehow.

France is renowned for having great street art. I choose not to say grafitti because I associate that word with rubbish scribbles, et les gros mots. Most street artists choose spots that they know are unused and not somebody’s private property – often adding beauty where before there was just urban decay. And that is never a bad thing!

For the moment here’s a few I’ve gathered on a trip to Paris and just wandering around Reims, maybe you’ll see a familiar face!

One half of The Beatles hanging out in the Latin Quarter, (Paris) France.

A Michael Jackson/Mario Kart character dancing in Montmarte (Paris) France.Trés jolie wall (Reims) France.

Just down la rue is this gorgeous work which is now my header image 🙂 (Reims) FranceStreet Art by Resfe (Reims) France.Street Art by Iemza (Reims) France.On Oscar Wilde’s grave, at the Pére Lachaise Cemetery (Paris) France.Little inspirational button on the walkway on La Seine (Paris) France.

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